Who we are

We are a research group at the Department of Immunology, Genetics, and Pathology (IGP) at Uppsala University. Combining data-driven and experimental methods, we are investigating cancers of the nervous system, such as glioblastoma and neuroblastoma. Our goal is to understand the principles that govern these cancers' growth and to discover new treatments. Our research approach is based on a strong integration of patient-specific experimental models, state-of-the-art molecular biology, and large-scale computation. If you enjoy working in a cross-disciplinary team and are open to new ideas and challenging research problems, contact us for further information.
Sven Nelander
Cecilia Krona
Anders Sundström
Gergana Popova
Hitesh Mangukiya
Rebecka Stockgard
Ida Larsson
Emil Rosén
Soumi Kundu
Ludmila Elfineh
Milena Doroszko
Adam Malik
Ben Titmuss
Josephine Heiland
Alper Koc

Data-driven drug discovery for pediatric neural cancers

Our team is exploring how innovative analyses of big data sets can be used to discover new therapeutics. In one of our recent projects, we developed a new algorithm, TargetTranslator, to identify new treatments for neuroblastoma (Almstedt et al, Nature Communications 2020). Our current work explores how data-driven methods can be used to target a broader range of pediatric cancer, including medulloblastoma and DIPG. Our team has invented several other tools for data-driven cancer research, such as CancerLandscapes, EPoC, and CoPIA.

Decoding adult brain tumor invasion and drug response

Our team is pioneering the use of patient-derived cell biobanks as a tool to uncover growth and drug response in the brain tumor glioblastoma (Cell Reports 2020, NeuroOncology 2018, Science Translational Medicine 2015, EBioMedicine 2015,). In recent work, we used our in-house Uppsala-based biobank HGCC to report on pharmacological subtypes of GBM. We are currently using the HGCC models to uncover differences in brain tumor invasion, using several different approaches. A key goal is to uncover the genetic programs that mediate invasion along different anatomical routes, including single-cell /spatial methods, CRISPR, and computational modeling. The key directions are:

  • Uncovering regulators of route-specific brain tumor invasion.
  • The emergence of macroscopic brain tumor phenotypes from microscopic cell behavior.
  • Route-specific routes of drug delivery.

Controlling cell states

Our team is investigating how tumor heterogeneity and drug response depends on time-dependent changes in individual tumor cells. In a recent study (Molecular Systems Biology, 2021), we have proposed a new strategy to construct models of cellular hierarchies from barcoded single cell experiments. The models, which we call State Transition and Growth models, are fitted from experimental data, obtained using barcoded single-cell sequencing and optical reporters. STAG models may have several potential uses in tumor biology and drug development.

Selected Publications

  • Larsson I, Dalmo E, Elgendy R, Niklasson M, Doroszko M, Segerman A, Jörnsten R, Westermark B, Nelander S. Modeling glioblastoma heterogeneity as a dynamic network of cell states. Mol Syst Biol. 2021 Sep;17(9):e10105.
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